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Everywhere Golestan across interesting that we can not sit back with a New Year it all. New Year tourists can select multiple options to start the year memorable.
Spectacular province

Qaboos Tower
Qaboos Tower monument of the fourth century AD in the town of Kavos Dome , located three kilometers from the old town Jorjan in Golestan Province .has been.

Forest Park Dining
The oldest park resorts of the province , which is located 4 km south of Gorgan . Space for recreation forest on both sides of the road . And having good weather and steep forested slopes are used for recreation, domestic and foreign . This public park inn hotel is beautiful , especially inns and camps .
Forest Dining

جنگل نهارخوران

National Park
The park is located at 150 km East of Gorgan and its area is 91,895 hectares . National Park is the first park in the National Park is allocated . The park , with a different climate and bio- diverse areas of forest and steppe landscapes of natural origin such attractions province is considered. The importance of researchers and scholars in the Nkhvrdgy biological communities , flora and fauna , and natural ecosystems as natural heritage and genetic diversity is very high .

پارک جنگلی النگ دره

Alng Valley Forest Park
The park is located 3 km southwest of the city of Gorgan . Forest Park Alng valley at the foot of the northern forests , forest cover has been uniquely trees and a river runs through the middle of it .

پارک جنگلی قرق

Forest Park Kordkouy
The park is located 4 kilometers south of the city Kordkouy and its area is 54 hectares . It features a convenient and relatively cool weather in the summer and there is a leopard River .

Park Forest Protection
The park is located 23 km East of Gorgan in transit along the main road and its area is 650 hectares . Much of the forest park was grazed on the plains and recreation facilities . The location of Deer Park native forests of northern Iran.

Cascade to Golestan
Cascades National Park is one of the most important . This waterfall is located on the Mall, Falls Park and 5/19 meters high waterfalls and rocky surroundings that make it an attractive broad-leaved forest cover is worn

Blue waterfall Wall
This waterfall 5 km south of the town of Aliabad is located in a place of public resort . The marina with facilities for tourism , recreation, Golestan is important .


آبشار کبودبال

Waterfalls Shirabad
Waterfalls Shirabad 6 kilometers south of the town of Khan among the forests are located. The waterfalls are 7 numbers with different heights . Special attractions are the famous cave on top of the last waterfall .


آبشار شیرآباد

Rain Mountain
One of the most spectacular forests Shastkolateh is located in the southeast of Gorgan is located.
Rain Mountain


باران کوه

Flowers Ramian

A natural swimming pool is oval shaped , its length 90 m , width 80 m and a depth of between 44 to 80 meters. Flowers Ramian is located 5 kilometers south of the city Ramian . It boils water depth due to its scenic beauty has created deep . Ramian flowers in the dense forests of broad-leaved particularly valuable species Cypress is located in a beautiful landscape .



Spa visit
Pilgrimage village resort located 12 km south of the city of Gorgan in the hot springs , it is one of the tourist attractions in Gorgan . The recent restoration of hot water, it has a public benefit .


چشمه آب گرم زیارت

Provincial markets

Of markets , including the cities of permanent markets , weekly markets and market days. The most important markets are constantly shopping center daily public market is a farrier . Weekly markets Bndrtrkmn existed since ancient times and was common in the northern cities to comply with the present day markets have been held in other cities of the province .