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Azin Hotel

 Azin international hotel place in the Golestan state and gorgan city. at the city entrance on the  Tehran –Gorgan highway.
This hotel have a great view to beautiful Torkaman plain from the north, mountains and forests of gorgan from the south, Tehran-Gorgan road from the west and Gorgan city from the east.
Hotel near the many places of state like Kabudval, Shirabad,  Barankooh waterfalls, Meal Gonbad (Gonbad-e Qabus), Gaz port…
Hotel 20 min far from the airport and 5 min far from the railway station.
Specification & facilities of hotel
Azin hotel established with 4000m ground and 5000 sqm builted in 7 floor.
Ground floor with 750 sqm area involve 350 sqm lobby, game net , market , WC , pray room and kitchen, Half-floor with 280 sqm area involve : restaurant and coffee shop..


Hotel facilities



Game net

Coffee shop


Summer restaurant at the top (roof) of the hotel with a very beautiful  panorama  view.


Conference saloon

Child park


parking lot

taxi service and excursion Van.

Pool, sauna and Jacuzzi with teacher pool and service.

Hotel equip with two elevator in the north and south with capacity for 6 and 10 person.

24/7 room services, safe, conference hall, tea house, laundry, parking lot, direct phone, fax and printer, restaurant and coffee shop.